Welcome to Wanganui Osteography

Welcome to Wanganui Osteography

Welcome to our clinic

Wanganui Osteopathic clinic was established in 2003 by Jonathan Lloyd Paine. Initially the practice was located in Wanganui East relocating to more appropriate premises on Wicksteed Street in 2007.

We provide osteopathic services to the beautiful river city of Wanganui and it’s surrounding area offering a variety of manual techniques to facilitate a bespoke treatment protocol to each individual patient.

We would be very happy to discuss with you how osteopathy and our clinic may be able to help you with your problems. Please feel free to contact the clinic with your queries.

Our normal practicing hours are;

Monday to Thursday
8am til 6pm
8am til 5pm
Late appointments and Saturdays can be arranged when necessary.
  • So. Any questions?

  • People talk about having joints and bones "put back into place". Does this really happen?

  • There is much terminology used in manual medicine that is inaccurate. The human body is very well designed and built. If bones and joints were as unstable as is inferred by such terminology we would have many more problems than we do and our work as osteopaths would be a whole lot more exciting.

  • More questions? Have a look at our Q&A section